*NEW* Mayor’s Blog

I was re-elected by the Council Members as Mayor of Tidworth, a year after having stood down from the role.  I would like to thank Brian Pratt who took up the reigns for the last year.  It is an honour to be Mayor again and look forward to the challenges ahead. I would also like to congratulate Cllr Humph Jones on becoming Deputy Mayor and look forward to working closely with him over the next year. This year is of course like no other in living memory.  The pandemic has brought the country, and indeed the world, to a standstill. 

Situations like this bring out both the best and the worst in humanity.  The worst saw people panic buying and leaving those who needed supplies without any, people scamming others or just ignoring the lockdown rules.  On the positive side, so many people volunteering to help those self-isolating or other vulnerable people in the community.  Our own Reverend Tim Laundon and his team delivering prescriptions and food is a good example of this.

For my part, I have helped many local businesses get their grants from Wiltshire Council, signposted many people to different organisations to help them get what they need and posting information on social media.  I have also been trying to help local businesses by having takeaways but only one a week to avoid my waistline expanding too much during the lockdown!

With the lockdown, unfortunately Tidworth Town Council had to cancel its Easter event and Tidworth Town Festival.  We waited as long as we could before deciding to cancel the latter.  We hope social distancing rules will have relaxed by next year so that we can all enjoy the stalls and music next year.

Since being elected as Mayor, I have had many video meetings with Wiltshire Police, Wiltshire Council and the Area Board members. The Town Council is moving ahead with its plans for a civic centre, which will include the Community Policing Team.  Pre-application discussions with Wiltshire Council were undertaken late last year and the full planning application will be submitted early next year.  The Council is also in discussions with MOD to expand the sporting facilities in Humber Lane and will investigate the possibility of allotments in the town.  So, despite the lockdown, Tidworth Town Council is working hard behind the scenes!

Thank you for all your support. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me here.

Cllr Mark Connolly

Mayor of Tidworth