Litter Picks

Saturday 11th May 2024
Tidworth Civic Centre

Thank you and well done to everyone who helped yesterday.
Over 50 bags of rubbish collected in a short space of time.
If you were unable to attend but would like to do a litter pick we have plenty of equipment you can borrow.
We would love to get out and do this more frequently but as the councillors are volunteers it cannot be done e as often as we would like. However, if you would like to organise a litter pick for a specific area please get in touch and we will help get it up and running.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Community Litter Pick, over 40 bags of rubbish were collected. Also thank you to the TLC for letting us set up there.
If you were unable come but would like to do your own litter pick we have equipment you can use. To arrange collection please email
Telephone 01980 847390


The most recent Litter pick was a huge success.Thank you so much to each and every person that took part in our community litter pick today!

Biggest turn out we’ve had.
  • 49 bags of litter,
  • a traffic cone,
  • a double buggy,
  • a swivel chair,
  • 2 lumps of wood
  • broken shopping trolley!
Well done everyone!
Hugest thank you also to Tidworth Leisure Centre for letting us host from there and storing all the collected litter for collecting Monday!
Great representation from the Beavers, Cubs and Nepalese community, as well as half a dozen Town Councillors.
Well done to the 60 odd people who turned up to tidy the Town up the week before the Jubilee.

Litterpicks over the years...