Public Statement

Tidworth Town Council was made aware of an allegation made about one of its Councillors on the evening of 20 February 2021.  The matter was referred to Wiltshire Police.  The Councillor was arrested that evening.

Tidworth Town Council will assist the police in its investigation where it can, though the allegation against the Councillor was not, as far as the Council is aware, in connection with his role as a Councillor.

The Councillor has been asked to resign pending the outcome of the investigation.  The Council does not have the legal power to remove the Councillor from office.

We would ask members of the public not to speculate on social media as it may prejudice the case.

As the matter is under investigation by Wiltshire Police, it would not be appropriate for the Council to comment further. 

Any enquiries about the case should be referred to Wiltshire Police. 

Mayor Mark Connolly

Chairman of Tidworth Town Council