Estonian Dignitaries Welcomed to Tidworth

Tidworth, Ludgershall and Wiltshire Councillors Welcomed our European neighbours to Tidworth

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Estonian Dignitaries Welcomed to Tidworth

Posted by Kayleigh Mooney

On Thursday 12 July our Mayor, Cllr Brian Pratt attended a meeting with some delegates from the Estonian authorities, including the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Tapa, plus 2 officials from the Estonian MOD. The meeting was coordinated with Colonel Jamie Balls (MBE) (Garrison Commander) and Colonel Nick Turner (SO1 Engagements). Also invited were Cllr Chris Williams (Wiltshire Councillor and Area Board Chair), Cllr Mike Giles (Mayor, Ludgershall), Mr Richard Rogers (Engagement Manager, for Tidworth and Pewsey).

Photo is property of MOD

The purpose of the meeting was to support international relations and diplomacy. The Estonian Delegates were over for several days and had met many English MOD officials and were very keen to meet civilian community representatives to discuss Army rebasing. In the photo’s below you can see framed pictures being presented to the two Mayors and a gold plate to the Wiltshire Councillor, as gift for our time and effort. Both Mayors have agreed to present their gifts to their own councils and Wiltshire Councillor to Wiltshire Councils HQ for display, in Trowbridge.

The meeting has been described as a great success by all who attended and our Estonian colleagues have taken away lots of information to use in their town of Tapa.

As a Town Council we look forward to this blossoming relationship with our Northern European neighbours

With thanks to MOD for the use of their photos.

Brian Pratt - Mayor

Kayleigh Mooney
Kayleigh Mooney