Steven Anderton

About Steven

I lived in Tidworth in 1965 being a child of a military serviceman having attended Clarendon Junior School be for moving to Castledown School for the 1st year before we were posted to Germany We moved back to Burbage in 1974 then I moved to Collingbourne Kingston in 1994 then Collingbourne Ducis in 1996 before finally settling in Tidworth in 2000 I have been employed in a multitude of differing businesses before going self-employed in 2008 and the one business I started has now branched off into 38 business interests and growing I have no children but do have a step family and my direct family all live within a 20 mile radius of Tidworth In the past 4 years I have taken a keen interest in Tidworth as a rapidly growing town and wanted to become more involved in Tidworth becoming a place where the community have a safe a vibrant place to live and then became a town councillor to freely give my services to the community I now also sit on the Town Council services and projects committee and really enjoy getting involved in what is going on around Tidworth the best part of a decade ago, the town rapidly became a home to me. With small children, their safety and enjoyment are paramount, this is, in fact, what prompted me joining the Council and subsequent Committees. I am a firm believer in seeing the town grow and develop whilst working along with other businesses, supporting local good causes, events and not for profit organisations I am always approachable easy going and a listener plus coming from a military background having travelled the world I have a good understanding of military / civilian relationship and have many friends from all walks of life colour creed and religion, so I can understand differing cultures and their way of life