Rupert Gregory

About Rupert

A road traffic accident in 1997 led to me being signed off work for 2 weeks and I used this time to look for a new house. Being a farmer’s son and growing up near Lyneham, Tidworth offered all I wanted and I have never regretted the move (although I still wish the car could have been saved!) Then, as now, I work in Newbury and enjoy the daily drive to and from work. After some 10 years or so of living in Tidworth, I became very conscious of the security I felt from the local community and the changes and improvements that had taken place; the Oval, Tesco, Lidl and the TLC to name a few. While talking to a neighbour and councillor, I mentioned this and she asked if I would be interested in giving some time to try and put something back. This started with my attending Tidworth Area Board meetings where I chatted to several other Councillors and eventually my being co-opted onto the Council. Sitting on the Community Engagement Committee I worked on the first 3 editions of Tidworth Times. Unfortunately personal family circumstances during early 2013 meant I was unable to spare the time deserved by the role so I decided not to stand for election a few months later. I was then Co-Opted back onto the Council in Autumn 2014 joining the Community Engagement Committee, were I once again became involved with the publication of the Tidworth Times.