Ann Birch

About Ann

I was born in Maymeo Burma where we remained for 2 years before a 4 year posting in India. When I came to Tidworth I attended the village school which was then located at the bottom of Station Road, followed by 7 years at Andover Grammar School before going on to Teacher Training College. During my teaching career which began at Tidworth Garrison School, I also taught service children overseas, being lucky enough to do 2 tours in Singapore and Cyprus. During my time in Tidworth I shopped at the Tin Market, went to the Electric and Hippodrome cinemas and even travelled to Ludgershall by train! All of these disappeared as the village developed into a Town and these changes sparked my interest in Tidworth and resulted in my becoming a Councillor. At the same time, the Council was changing from a Parish to a Town Council, a historic time for Tidworth. I have made an effort to show an interest in many aspects of Tidworth life, being part of the Community Services Committee (known as the Heritage and Environment group formerly) reflecting my interest in the people of the Town and its history. I have visited many groups of different ages, and support them whenever possible, being surprised and pleased to learn how many groups there are in town. My greatest interest is in recording, and where possible, maintaining, the history of the Town. In 2003 I approached the then Parish Council to conserve the Mortuary Chapel in Church Lane, 1 of the last of our historic sites. Since then, the Council has taken on the responsibility of this interesting building. My interest in history has also enabled me to help families when they have approached the Council regarding their own family history. Before Tidworth became a Town, we were known as ‘one of the oldest villages in England.’ Pride in our history is reflected in our Town Crest with the inclusion of the cross of Edward the Confessor. With such a long history behind us and exciting future developments, it seems being a Tidworth Town Councillor will continue to be an interesting experience.