Your Council

Tidworth Town Council is a corporate body with a legal existence and its decisions are the responsibility of the whole body. The Town Council has been granted powers by Parliament including the important authority to raise money through taxation (the precept) and a range of powers to spend  public money.

Its members are either elected every four years, returned unopposed or co-opted to fill a vacant seat. Tidworth Town Council consists of 19 councillors. Each councillor is also a member of a committee.

There are four committees:-  Community Engagment, Community Services, Projects and Leadership.

Community Engagement

This committee’s key goal is to inform residents of what is happening in their local community such as events, activities and other news. Furthermore, supporting and liaising with local groups. It also reviews and updates all Council policies ensuring that the council is aware of its corporate responsibilities.

This Committee has introduced the 'Tidworth Times' newsletter which is distributed in all local shops, schools and Community Centre and updated the website making it easy to access information.

Community Services

This committee ensures that the local residents live in a well presented, friendly and accessible area. Making sure that all grounds, parks, community centre and cemetery needs are of a high standard for its local residents and businesses. 

This committee has installed new posts at the community centre and replaced fencing at the cemetery and working closely with Aspire Defence ensuring that the local community looks smart and welcoming.

Community Projects

This committee oversees any large scale projects, allowing the community to develop and expand ensuring that Tidworth and Perham Down get the best value for money while the Town keeps up to date.

This committee has worked closely with an architect drawing up a design for the new civic centre. Furthermore with the adverse weather over the Christmas period how the Council dealt with flooding has now been reviewed and new measures have been put in place.

Community Leadership

This committee comprises the Mayor of Tidworth and the Chairs of the other committees. Meeting four times a year this committee recommends the strategic direction of the Council, budgets for the Council, investments and approval of financial Matters, personnel structure and standing orders, subsequently making recommendations to the Full Town Council.