War Memorial


Your War Memorial Committee Needs You…

As progress is made in the bid to design and build a community War Memorial in Tidworth, the Tidworth War Memorial Committee is looking for help from the local residents.

The residents of Tidworth will know that the town has long had a military connection, dating back to 1897, when the War Office acquired Tedworth House and established a camp. Since then Southern Command was based in Tidworth from 1905-1949, and a military hospital operated here from 1907-1977. This connection has increased in strength, with Tidworth now established as a garrison town, which continues to expand as it welcomes support units returning from Germany. As a fully working garrison town, it is surprising that Tidworth does not have a war memorial.

Following the end of the First World War, many towns and villages across the UK erected memorials, in memory of those who died on the battlefields of France and Belgium. These memorials have become pivotal for local communities in nationwide remembrance events, particularly Remembrance Sunday. With such a long standing association to the military, it is a shame that Tidworth cannot engage in local remembrance in the same way as other garrison towns across Britain.

Since the 1950s, there has been a desire to erect a war memorial in Tidworth, but unfortunately it has never been realised… until now! We, the Tidworth War Memorial Committee call upon our community to support this worthy campaign. With the anniversary of the First World War marking dates in our calendars over the next few years, this is the most appropriate time to remember those residents of Tidworth who gave their lives for this country. As we pay our respects as a nation to the fallen from the past 100 years, let us not forget those closest to home.

A group of local residents and representatives from organisations within Tidworth have united to explore creating this missing element of the Tidworth landscape. A site has been located and secured so that both residents and visitors can clearly see the memorial. Fundraising and designing the memorial is well underway, with support from the Town Council and Wiltshire Area Board. All we need now is the support from you, the residents of Tidworth.

We want to engage and invite you to be part of this project and hope you wish to get involved and support us in this project. We would like people to become involved in numerous ways including, but not limited to, assisting with fundraising at events, raising awareness of the Committee and the memorial itself, offering financial sponsorship and input on the design of the memorial. We want this to be a community effort that we can all be proud of and admire as we go about Tidworth.

So if you would like to volunteer your services in any way, then please contact the committee on tidworthwarmemorial@gmail.com. We are currently setting up our JustGiving page, under the name Tidworth War Memorial and will be sharing these details soon. You can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/tidworthwarmemorial.

We look forward to you joining us!

Tidworth War Memorial Committee