Mr Steven Slater

Chair Services Committee

12 Central Street
SP11 9RA 

Tel: 01264 393559

I am a Tidworthian born and bred and attended both Clarendon Schools and then onto what was Castledown School (now the Wellington Academy).  I am married to Teressa and I have four children.  I have lived and worked in the Tidworth area for 40 years and seen so many positive changes over this time.  Both my wife and I have a great interest in the community - Teressa has been Chair of Governors at Clarendon School and is deeply involved in our shared passion of youth football.

I used to play football for many of the local teams and, when I eventually hung up my boots in 2006, I decided to give something back and started coaching a youth team for Tidworth Royals Football Club,  I realised very quickly, when I started coaching, that there wasn’t a lot for the local kids to do in the Tidworth area and so to promote local football and in a bid to gain funding etc I started attending Town Council meetings on a regular basis.

I really liked what I saw, Tidworth Town Council were forward thinking, proactive and were really up for positive change and the community spirit. So I applied to join and here I am.  I really enjoy having a hand in shaping the future of the town I grew up in.  I see how we are really bringing all members of an increasingly diverse community together.

I currently work for Wiltshire Council Housing communities Managing the housing repairs team in Salisbury and i have been involved with the Town Council for around five years now.

My aim as a Town Councillor is for our whole town to be much more integrated, we need more social integration and less of the "historical" divide.  It is better than ever before, but I believe there is still lots to be done.