2012 Olympics

On 11th July 2012 the Olympic Torch Relay travelled through Tidworth.  This account of the day is taken from the Tidworth Times newsletter, Issue 1.

'The day started with live music being played from the stage on the sports pitch close to the Esso Garage and a fun fair complete with free rides paid for by Tidworth Town Council.  At 5:00pm the music stopped and people left the field to join those already lining the route, 5 minutes later it was upon us and the crowd went crazy.

The final leg through Tidworth was lined by Tidworth based soldiers along with military bands.  The Mayor was told by one of the torch bearers later that night that everyone on the bus carrying the torch bearers stood up and applauded the soldiers.  After the torch had passed the entertainment continued until late evening on the field.

The Mayor and members of the Council, along with a number of invited guests and residents of the house hosted the Torch Bearers at a Reception in Tedworth House, home to H4H.  The Pipes and Drums of 19 Regt RA acted as an honour guard to the Mayor and Chair’s of Tidworth Town Council as they escorted the Torch Bearers up the drive way to Tedworth House.  The only Torch Bearer missing from the Reception was Kate Howey, LOCOG had kept her identity secret from the Council and despite us sending an invite via LOCOG it seems she did not receive it (our apologies go out to Kate).

The day would not have been as great as it was without the support from the people of Tidworth and those who came from outside of Town.  The Council have received emails from the torch bearers thanking Tidworth for making the day such a memorable one, it would seem that not many places hosted the bearers!

A big thank you also to Wiltshire County Council whose staff acted as road side Marshals, the Local Police who dealt with everything in their normal first class way and finally to the Met Police who escorted the torch bearers in a professional but very friendly manner.'